Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Friday, September 3, 2010

EARLY DAYS of Faith Orchard

This is the 'beginning years' of Faith Orchard.
Approx. date is Fall 1991 - Wayne used to go to various Fall Festivals to display the apples, that GOD taught him to plant & raise to produce 'fruit'.
That was 20 some yrs. ago........During that time, little did we know, that GOD planned on doing some 'pruning' in our own 'spiritual lives'. Having an 'Orchard' and 'growing in CHRIST', was GOD'S plan 4 our lives.
Wayne is a 'bit' younger on these photos, than what U will see on our updated 'Blog' from 2010 !! ;o)

Today is Sept. 3, 2010  we have APPLES 4 sale,  & open 4 business. Our first variety, GALA is now ready 4 sale.
Also have Cox Orange, McIntosh, Arlet, Honey Crisp, at this time.
Arlet  originated in Switzerland, it is a cross between Golden Delicious & Idared. It is harvested in Sept., is a pleasantly tart & sweet apple It can be refrigerated for 2 to 3 months.
Cox's Orange Pippin came from Bucks, England. It is a firm, juicy,full flavored apple. Can be picked mid Sept. thru mid Oct. and kept into cold storage up to January. 
GALA was developed in New Zealand, around 1920 It is a cross between Golden Delicious & Kidd's Orange Red. The apple wasn't named & introduced until the 1960's. It is 'crisp & dense' with a 'mild SWEET flavor'. Harvested in PA in Sept., will keep 3 to 4 monhs in refrigeration. It can be used for baking, dried, use in cider OR eaten as desert out of hand, all purpose apple.
Honey Crisp is a 'modern variety' originating in Minnesota, approx. date - 2001. It is a 'Crisp & Sweet' apple, very good.
McIntosh was developed by a farmer named John McIntosh in Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada. The variety was introduced in 1870. It is a soft tart apple, good 4 applesauce, some like it in pies. Harvest in Sept. This variety is NOT a good keeper, gets mealy if kept too long. Macs are a principal 'cider apple' in the NorthEast of PA.
We have many varieties of apples, Antique & Modern. They ripen from Sept. to late Nov. We hope U decide to stop by and taste some of GOD'S apples at Faith Orchard in Douglassville, PA.
We can be reached at #610-582-4401 or sent an email at
Thank you for reading this !!