Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 It's OCTOBER again on GOD'S MOUNTAIN,  at Faith Orchard
October  2013 - October is such a beautiful month, it deserves to be spelled completely !

Above is a 'lineup' of some of the 'HEIRLOOM & MODERN' apples that GOD grows at FAITH ORCHARD ! This photo was taken at the home of a 'faithful' customer/friend, that lined up their purchase from 'Faith Orchard' , on their deck at their home. Thank you Jodi & Mike !! In fact, as I recall, Jodi came & took the first photos of our Orchard one yr., and she 'motivated' me to get started on the 'blog' I always wanted to do & thought about, and both she & Mike helped me get started via the telephone !! THANK you both again !!

GOD planted a special tree in the 'original garden', the Garden of Eden, and in that Garden, HE placed Adam first, then he 'created' woman 'Eve' to be Adam's partner, to love & honor each other, as 'creations' of GOD !!

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