Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fall & Winter 2010 & 2011

dear friends,  Hello from Faith Orchard on GOD'S MOUNTAIN in PA. !!  ;O)
So much has happened sooo quickly, since we closed the doors of the Orchard Bldg. at the end of  Dec. 2010. We have had quite a few pretty SNOW storms, lots of 'cold weather'.. We are now in March 2011, we are seeing signs of Spring. This Sat., we set our clocks ahead 1 hr., to SPRING FORTH into longer daytime hrs. What a beautiful 'cycle of NATURE' GOD has created for PENNA. It is a beautiful state, as my Father always said when I was a little girl.......he was correct. He was in WW II, and was in Europe & other places, he said PA  was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen !!  Remember that old TV show, "Father Knows Best"..........he really did, and still does. Our great 'Heavenly Father' knows ALL & KNOWS BEST  about everything, cause HE is the CREATOR of  ALL !!

My 'Orchardist Husband' with our Charity #2

Sunset thru the Arboretorium window at LongWood Gardens
 I WILL continue my blogging about Faith Orchard, but will also 'integrate' into this blog, impt. things of 'interest' to our Heavenly Father, such as "Perssecuted Christians' around the world, North Korea, I've read is one of the HOTTEST SPOTS 4 Christian Persecution at this time.
Please ck.out the Prisoner Alert link for the latest news & updates on Christian Prisoners 4 CHRIST JESUS., many in Muslim countries. Two of the latest prisoners are women & their husbands, arrested on Sept. 4, 2010..........Arezo Teymouri , wife of Arash Kermanjani, in Iran and Pastor Vahik Abrahamian & his wife Sonia Keshish. For the first 40 days, they were held in solitary confinment & reportedly suffered physical abuse & psychological pressure. Pastor Vahik's wife Sonia, who was pregnant when she was arrested, is said to have suffered a miscarriage, her fourth one. They are accused of various offenses, includ. propagating Christianity, opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran & having contact with exiled oppostition figures.   The   will give detailed info on 'how to write encouraging letters' in their language to them. They have a choice of Bible verses & phrases to choose from, which are then tranlated into 'their language'.
Till next time, "May GOD make HIS FACE to SHINE UPON YOU".
sincerely, Toni from Faith Orchard, for Wayne & I both - 'my Orchardist husband'