Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Monday, March 11, 2013


PRUNING SEASON - Winter 2013
Charity #2 & Orchardist Wayne
Look 'closely' and you will see Orchardist Wayne in the background, caring for GOD'S ORCHARD, preparing the trees to Produce a good crop of apples for Autumn 2013. We are also praying for a larger customer turnout for this coming season, cause we believe the LORD is going to bless us with a 'much larger apple crop' this yr., based upon 'growth & pruning conditions'; so LORD willing & weather conditions; IT'S 'all' in GOD'S hands; there is no better place 2 'bee' than in GOD'S hands.
This statement is true also for our Spiritual Condition; GOD 'prunes' us as well for HIS USE, there are certain conditions that must be according to GOD'S standards; GOD prunes the 'useless, damaged & unecessary parts' out of our lives, to be useful for HIM. As humans, we need 'constant pruning'; to know what HE wants us to be & do, we must follow HIS manual, that manual is the HOLY WORD of GOD. Romans 10:17 says Faith comes by hearing & hearing by the Word of GOD; GOD gave us that verse 23 yrs. ago for Faith Orchard. Each yr., the trees become 1 yr. older, just as Wayne & I also become 1 yr. older; so each year, it is by FAITH in HIM, that we witness 'what GOD will do in and thru this Orchard & in our personal lives'.
PSALM 46:10 says "BE STILL & KNOW THAT I AM GOD"; that is hard to accomplish, esp. when we are younger & full of life & energy, but as we grow older it becomes easier physically to become 'still', but not necessarily in our mind & spirit; there is still a constant struggle with our humanity to 'bee still' before the LORD'; so just 'BEE  STILL & FOCUS on GOD &  HIS WORD, & allow the Spirit of GOD to take hold of your  'quiet stillness'.........the SPIRIT of GOD is HIS GIFT to us !! I spelled the 'word - be' as BEE,  purposefully. Years ago I went to a Women of Faith Conference & one of the speakers, Thelma Wells said 'PRAY 2 GOD for ourself to 'BEE' all that GOD wanted us to be, when HE CREATED US. HAVE a wonderful day, for THIS IS the day the LORD has given us to LIVE 4 HIM !! AS we learn to LOVE HIM, HE blesses us abundantly, beyond all that we can ever imagine; it is HE that gives 'real purpose & meaning' to our lives.

Tomorrow is Wayne's birthday - we have 'only today-only this minute',  GOD gives us each breath we take, it is up to us to use & make of it, what is 'best', and GOD promises to do the rest, so others will be 'blessed'
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The print on this photo is not very clear, the path ahead of us is 'not very clear', all we need do is Trust GOD to guide us, ASK HIM TODAY.  Proverbs 3:5,6  One of Wayne's special verses.
YOU are loved by GOD with an 'everlasting love & underneath are HIS everlasting arms' Deuteronomy 33:27
Keep cking this site for updates on progress of Faith Orchard & some spiritual food 4 thought as well.