Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful Fall day !!

GOOD AFT. - Fri. Sept. 17, 2010  Last eve. we were 'blessed' with some 'much needed rain'.....stopped & started several times, was music to my ears. The land needed the watering that only GOD can provide for the trees, plants, grass & every living creature !!      Today is a pleasant 'sunny' FALL day......not official Fall, but not far off ;o) I am 'glad' with so many others, that we 'survived' the VERY HOT-DRY SUMMER !! Fortunately, many of us have A.C.  IT wasn't always so, though, for my family & many others. But I for one, am VERY thankful for our modern convieniences, including  modern Technology!!!

This top photo is a restful spot as U walk the steps into our Apple Barn at  Faith Orchard. The plant beside the 'bench' is called Autumn Sedum, it is 'unique' because it changes 'shades' of  apricot to med., then bright PINK !!  As U are about to enter the Apple Barn, this is our 'flag' that greets U to our 'wonderful SMELL' of many varieties of APPLES !! We also have a few chickens out back, you might come on a day when we have an extra dozen ;o)

Behind our Apple rm., is a small Treasure room, of various new & 2nd hand items, and a nice amt. of women & girls clothing, for the size rm. we have. The clothing is also new & gently used, and the prices are 'unbeatable' !! This rm. is still having finishing touches, sorting thru & pricing, but still available to browse in.
We 'truly' LOOK FORWARD to having 'you' visit Faith Orchard ;o)
ROMANS 10:17 is our verse- FAITH comes by 'hearing' and 'hearing' by the Word of GOD. We are not 'visible' from the main rd. which is Crusher Rd., off  of  Rt. #724 or #345, but coming UP Crusher Rd.,  you will see an ORCHARD SIGN on the 'left side' of the rd., it is our 'private macadem drive', we are the only house back here with our ORCHARD. It is a 'beautiful peaceful HAVEN', once you reach the top of our driveway near the house & the apple barn !!!
WE are here to 'serve YOU', wih delicious tasting fruit, & to hopefully encourage YOU as well.
Wayne & Toni Myers - phone #610-582-4401
We also have an  'email' address that U can reach us. It is -