Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.

Faith Orchard Apple Sales Bldg.
Inside our Bldg., Wonderful aroma & favorful apples

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Grandson KYLE Wayne helping PopPop plant smaller Root stock trees"

Wed. Sept. 22, 2010
Picking apples 2 wks. ahead of normal, on all varieties. The 'hot DRY Summer', has ruined a lot of the apple crop, but we still have enough to 'sell'. We've been hearing the other Orchards have had the same problem, cause of the weather. It is somewhat frustrating, when U 'do ALL that needs to be done' for apple production, and your crop doesn't turn out as you had planned.
But we are reminded often that we aren't in control of the 'plans'; only GOD knows the 'plan'. We are 'Faith Orchard', and this is the plan we must go by, Faith in HIM. It's HIS Orchard.

We are getting at this moment, 'much needed rain'........thank 'you' LORD.
We do have some great eating & baking apples in our Cooler rms., that were 'not ruined'. We have at this time Gala, McIntosh, Jonathan, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, SpiGold, and a few others. We are now taking orders for 'Cider', to be ready by Thurs. Sept. 30 or Fri. Oct.1. It is 'best' to ORDER, that gives us an idea of  how much we need to make.
We hope you decide to 'ck. us out'... we are here to sell U 'fresh great tasting apples'.

Wayne & Toni @ Faith Orchard

Grandson  Kyle helping PopPop to plant some 'smaller rootstock' apple trees, in March 2009.

The beauty of a butterfly in Autumn before the Winter sets in again for another year.